Please be aware that Dance is a form of art that sometimes requires 'hands on' tutoring to enable students to create the correct movements and positioning.

This is always conducted with upmost professionalism.

Parents are to not permitted in the studio whilst classes are running. If your child has to be assisted for medical reasons, they will need to be accompanied by a medical nurse.

Photo and video footage containing your child may be used for our website, social media, press, marketing, promotional purposes or as a learning tool. By signing our registration form, you understand that you are consenting for your child to be a part of this.

Ballet, Modern, Tap and Acro uniform may only be purchased from the Harwood Dance shop. Any uniform from elsewhere will be asked to be returned. Ballet shoes must be purchased form Harwood Dance where they can be fitted correctly to prevent damaged feet.

Students attending Acro and Contemporary (not including Pre-School) must also attend a technique for safety reasons.

Similarly students who attend Tap and/or Combined Club must also attend a technique class to help aid style and performance.

Technique classes are Ballet, Modern and/or Street.

Street uniform must be ordered from the merchandise menu page above or at www.harwood-danceshop.co.uk 

Any of our Harwood Dance legwear and a plain black T-shirt is compulsory. Our Harwood Dance tops are optional.

All uniform must be named.

Hair must be in a classical bun for all classes except Street where we allow hair to be in a ponytail.

You are entitled to a free trial lesson in every genre suitable for your child's age. Following this fees must be paid within 14 days of invoice, otherwise a 10% surcharge will be incurred.

We requier half a terms notice (5 lessons) or fees in leiu should your child stop lessons, however this does not apply if you decide to withdraw within the first 5 weeks (the trial period).

Please note - Notice does not include holidays.

We hold and use the information you have provided in compliance with our Privacy Policy. You consent to us contacting you using the information you have provided.

We may, in extreme circumstances, have to hold some of our classes online (e.g. during a pandemic). Attending online classes is as compulsory as attending classes in the studio.

If a lesson has to be cancelled, we will whenever possible arrange for a substitute lesson and so refund will be given. If the class can not be held at another time, a refund will be issued.\

Incase of treacherous weather conditions such as snow, we may need to cancel a session. This session will not be refunded but whenever possible we will try and be rescheduled.

Collection of Students from Class

Please collect your child/children from within the building. We ask that no children wait in the car parks.

Once students leave the dance studio they have been dancing in, they become your responsibility.